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We Do Tree Removal in Fairfield

Finding the right Tree Service in Fairfield, CT is always a difficult task because there are so many different tree removal companies in Connecticut.  Ever since Hurricane Sandy, there are dozens of new uninsured tree workers popping up all over Fairfield County.

Rest assured Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield CT is 100% licensed, insured and has an A+ Rating on the BBB.

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Affordable Tree Services in Fairfield Connecticut Guaranteed!

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Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield CT

Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield CT handles tricky tree removals, stump removals, tree trimming, land clearing, and storm clean up with ease.   Hiring a Tree Service in Fairfield should be easy, and easier on the wallet!

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Our Tree Service Company has proudly served the greater Fairfield area for over 20 years. Our tree service team is highly trained and very experienced. Unlike other companies, our professional tree service is licensed and insured. Furthermore, while the average cost of tree removal is on the rise, we are committed to keeping our rates low.

​As a result, we guarantee you will receive the quality tree service you deserve at an affordable price. To receive a free consultation, give us a call today at 203-242-7510

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Why Choose Our Tree Company for Your Next Tree Removal?

Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield CT gave us a fair estimate on our tree removal and stump grinding that afternoon.  It's hard to find an honest, hardworking guy, but I'm glad we found Mr. Tree!

Helen, Southport, CT

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My boss put me in charge of getting a couple of trees taken down in the back of our office on Blackrock Turnpike.  He was helpful on the phone and even more helpful getting those trees to disappear.

Barbara, Fairfield, CT

We're Not Your Average Tree Guys

Deciding to remove a tree that you have admired since you bought your home is certainly a hard decision, but hiring the right man for the job shouldn't be. Our wide variety of tree services will certainly meet all your needs and The Fairfield Tree Pros will exceed your expectations with our top notch customer service.

Unlike most tree services in the Connecticut area, we do not charge for an estimate, so please call us at 203-242-7510!  Our costs are very competitive, and you will speak with a professional from our team, not a salesman who you will never see again.

We offer a wide variety of tree services throughout the local towns surrounding Fairfield, Connecticut.  Our most popular services are our tree trimming and our tree removal services. Learn More

​We are best known for our stump removal service in Fairfield, and there are rumors we have the quickest stump grinding machine in the Northeast.

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tree service fairfield ct 06824

Learn Tree Tips from Mr Tree Service of Fairfield!

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Affordable Tree Service in Fairfield, Connecticut

Our tree service is renown for its affordable prices. We are not a huge company like Bartlett's Tree with 100's of trucks throughout Connecticut.  In contrast, we are a small, family owned and operated tree service company. In fact, our tree service professionals live locally throughout Westport, Fairfield, and Trumbull. Unlike other tree service professionals, we are committed to serving our local community.

We offer a variety of affordable tree services in Fairfield, CT, including tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal and grinding, storm clean up, tree trimming removal, and land clearing.

​Since our tree service company heavily relies on our reputation for business, we are committed to providing Fairfield residents with an affordable package so they will continue spreading the word about our services.

Next day Tree Service Available nearby Fairfield

Next day tree service is available throughout Fairfield, Trumbull, Norwalk, and Westport.  We are known for our ability to finish your tree work the next day.  Whether you want to take advantage of our affordable tree removal services in Fairfield, or you simply need a quick stump removed, our team of professionals can be there tomorrow.  For instance, if you call our tree service on a Monday, we will remove your tree on Tuesday. 

We offer next day tree removal service because we know how important it is to receive an efficient and professional tree removal service, especially when the safety and aesthetic of your property is at stake.

We have even received many great tree service testimonials outlining our quick response.

Professional Fairfield Tree Work in Connecticut

Our experience is what differentiates us from the other tree companies in Fairfield.  We have been doing tree removals, stump removals, tree trimming, and other forms of tree work for twenty years.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of storms in the last five years, there are a plethora of arborists, tree surgeons, and tree removal services that you will find in a quick Google search.  After storms like Sandy and Irene, every landscaper in Fairfield bought a chipper and became a tree service company.


You can differentiate a professional tree service from an amateur by taking a closer look at the tree services they offer. If a so-called "tree service" does not offer land clearing, chances are they are not professional. Land clearing requires a ton of expensive tree equipment and experienced professionals that amateur tree companies are not willing to offer.

Quality Tree Service in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Our tree service company always ensures that you are completely satisfied.  We have been in the tree business for twenty years and know exactly how to approach all your tree service needs. Furthermore, our tree serviceman is required to pass a rigorous exam and training prior to working for our tree company.

Not only will we remove your tree and take care of any other tree work that needs to be done, but we will go the extra mile: your property will be left significantly better than when we arrived.

We'll make sure you get the quality tree service you deserve at a price you can afford.  You can count on the Fairfield Tree Pros for all your tree service needs.

Learn more about our Fairfield Tree Service by clicking the link.  If you have questions about our tree service feel free to contact our tree service professionals.

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Service Area Outside of Fairfield

Mr Tree Service of Fairfield regularly helps homeowners outside of Fairfield with their tree work. We love providing affordable tree work to Fairfield County residents. Here's a list of the areas we are expanding into:
-> Easton, CT
-> Westport, CT
-> Redding CT

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Leave the Tree Removals to the Professionals

Tree removals should be left to the professionals.  In addition to the lawn mowing "experts" in Fairfield who rent a chipper and now consider themselves a tree service, there is a bigger problem.  I am sure you have flipped through your TV to see a show called "Ridiculousness" with a segment entitled "Motocross Tricks Gone Wrong."  Even if you have not, I am sure you can imagine what that looks like: a series of amateurs inflicting self-harm.

Our company has seen enough "Do It Yourself" disasters to create a show called "Do It Yourself Gone Wrong."  Don't be that guy!  Please consider calling a professional before you attempt to remove that stubborn tree in your backyard.  Giving the top branches of your 30-foot birch a nice trim is not as easy as it looks.

If you think that doing the job yourself will be more cost-effective, first consider the expenses of DIY tree work.

  • Safety Gear (yes, you'll need safety gear)
  • Equipment Rentals (harness, chainsaw, heavy-duty ropes, cabling)
  • Time (your time is worth money, isn't it?)

Tree Removal is not an easy DIY job.  You will need much more than a saw, a harness, and a couple of ropes.  Leave the tree removal projects up to licensed tree removal specialists.

3 Reasons to Hire our Tree Service:

Reason #1:  Prevent dangerous trees from falling on your home

Our tree service company is always in high demand after a storm.  Storms can be a very stressful event for a family if they are worried about what could happen to their home.  We have probably all heard someone say, "I was just about to have that tree removed," right after an old oak tree falls on their house. Yes, removing a tree is a financial investment, but it is certainly more costly to repair part of your home after a fallen tree damages it.

Reason #2:  You work too hard not be in love with your home

You should be in love with your home!  That ugly stump sitting in the middle of your backyard can be removed in a matter of hours with our stump grinder.  Returning to your house after working endless hours in the office, only to see a landscape you are not 100% satisfied with, is never okay.

Reason #3:  It's EASY - our tree services are just a call away

We will gladly handle all your tree service needs, including stump removal, tree trimming, land clearing, pruning, and cabling.  We offer next day service and complimentary evaluation. Call the Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield today at (203) 242-7410

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Professional Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming is an important part of maintaining your trees. Regular pruning and trimming are important to maintain the proper shape. Our most popular trimming service is thinning out the top of trees to allow more light to shine into the yard. Learn more about the professional tree trimming services we offer in Fairfield.

Tree Stump Removal Service in Fairfield

Stump removal is often on the mind of any homeowner who truly cares about their landscape.  Tree stumps can be ugly and very difficult to remove yourself.  But our professional team will remove your stump in a matter of hours.

Give us a call today at 203-242-7510 or learn more about our Tree Stump Removal Service in Fairfield, CT.

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Residential & Commercial Land Clearing

Land clearing, either residential or commercial, is essential to having a beautiful yard to enjoy.  If you are ready to reap all the benefits of your property, then you are definitely in need of our professional land clearing services.  Land clearing is one of the many expert tree services we offer throughout CT.

Post-Storm Clean Up (Hurricane Season!)

Storm clean up is never in the budget.  In fact, most tree removal services in the local Fairfield area will jack up their prices after storms.  You can count on our tree service to give you affordable, fair, and competitive pricing.  Check out our storm clean up tree services in Fairfield if you are in a pinch.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Be proactive and hire our professional team to remove that decaying tree in your yard before it's leaning against your house.

However, if a tree did fall onto your home, call us immediately to receive our Emergency Tree Removal Services.

The Tree Company You Can Count On

It's been our pleasure being the #1 Tree Service in Town of Fairfield

We pride ourselves on being a tree company you can count on.  We offer Tree Service & Tree Removal in 06825, 06824, 06828, 06890 and all of the surrounding towns near Fairfield.  Our tree service often fields a lot of questions about the various services we offer. To provide answers to these frequently asked questions, we have an FAQ tab located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

If the information you are seeking is not on our website, our tree experts are always willing to answer your phone calls or talk to you in person. Please visit our "Contact" page to learn how to reach us directly.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Since we pride our quality work and efficient services, we want to share our testimonials with you! Please find out why so many CT residents are selecting our tree service company!

Tree Service Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to get my Tree Removed?

Our tree service has been removing trees for over 20 years.  We have seen it all and we have done it all.

Tree removals are often performed to prevent hazardous trees from damaging your home. Trees that have rotted inside due to disease can be very dangerous. But diseased trees are not the only trees that pose a threat.  Often, trees grow very close to houses and need to be removed -- especially when the health of the tree has been compromised. We frequently remove dead trees from residential areas that are found leaning against a house, which clearly poses a threat to the residents' safety.

It is also likely that dead trees will fall on homes or cars during turbulent weather conditions. Since dead and decaying trees can be extremely dangerous, it is important to be able to identify them. You can learn more about how to recognize different kinds of tree decay on our tree service frequently asked questions page.

What parts of Connecticut do you offer a Same Day Tree Service Estimate?

Our free same day as calling estimate only applies to the following parts of CT: Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk, Bridgeport, Southport, Trumbull, and Easton.  Our service area extends throughout Fairfield County, but we're unfortunately unable to guarantee an estimate same day outside of that 15-mile radius.  To secure your free estimate give us a call today at 203-242-7510.

Do you have a Tree Surgeon in Fairfield in your Tree Crew?

Tree surgeons can be very popular in the lower states like Florida, but up here in Connecticut they aren't nearly as cost effective.  Tree surgery is repairing damaged trees by treating them for diseases.  The cost to perform tree surgery can be more than performing a tree removal, and combined with our rough winters this isn't usually done.  If you're dead set on getting a tree surgeon in Fairfield CT we have associations in the tree surgery industry that we can refer you to.

Do you offer Tree extraction services in CT?

Tree extraction is moving a tree from one location to another.  Unfortunately, we don't offer any tree extracting services, but we can certainly remove the trees for you.  If you're very interested in getting a tree moved instead of removed we can put you in contact with a tree extraction specialist.

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