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4 Steps You Need to Follow In Order To Successfully remove A Tree

Tree Removal Done Successfully

Removal of a tree should be done properly, and can be dangerous without proper knowledge. Here, Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will teach you how the steps to follow to successfully remove a tree.

When you look at your trees and notice different signs that they may be diseased or have other problems, calling a professional to assess the needs of your tree is your best option.  They can give you knowledgeable information for the needs of your trees individually, what issues they are currently having, and what can be done to take care of those issues.

A professional sometimes has good news for you, letting you know corrective measures can be taken to bring your tree back to health.  Other times, he has to let you know that your tree is not able to be saved, and that is need removed.

If your tree needs removed, hiring a professional is the best option.  They have the skills and necessary equipment to take care of the task.   

Below is what you can expect to see from your tree service professionals.  

1. Proper Planning

Trees have the potential to cause great damage to property, and also serious bodily injury, if or when it falls.  When a crew takes down your tree, more is involved that just grabbing a chainsaw and sawing through the tree.  

Depending on the tree, the location, the obstacles around it, and other factors, such as the neighbor’s property, techniques will be chosen accordingly for what will work best.  This is the first part of the process and needs to be planned out carefully.

2. Determining Where to Drop the Tree

The factors mentioned above will help the tree crew decide where the best place will be to drop the tree.  Using proper techniques and calculations, the crew knows how to make a tree come down where they’ve planned for and will make sure the area is cleared.  They will make an educated decision on where to bring the tree down.  This will prevent damage to property near the tree.

A tree service will bring all of the necessary equipment for the removal of your tree.  If you are dealing with a tree that is near the road or by a sidewalk that is used frequently by walkers, the crew will put up barriers to block off the area to keep passers-by safe from injury.

3. Pruning the Trunk

When the tree is ready to be taken down, the tree service will remove any of the limbs that are low on the trunk of the tree.  This gets them out of the way for when it is time to cut the tree.

4. Using the Correct Tools and Techniques

The tree service that is taking down your tree has several tools for removing trees.  They will choose the ones that are most appropriate for the needs of your tree.  They may use a felling wedge, a rope and winch, a pole, or an impact bar, among others.  The size of your tree determines which tools they need to aid in the tree’s safe removal.  Tools and equipment specifically made for this type of task will be used to make the tree removal a safe and professional job well done