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5 Common Types Of Tree Diseases

There are common types of tree diseases that the local tree service company Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield would like to discuss today.

Five Tree Diseases to Look Out For

Trees are a necessary and important part of life on our planet, supplying us with oxygen while reducing smog, among other things.

On a personal level, trees are a benefit when you have them in your own yard.  They not only clean the air, they increase property value, offer shade and cooling, cushion noise and more.

With all the wonderful things trees offer us, we should give them proper care in return.  Keeping up with proper maintenance will prolong the life of your trees.  Neglecting regular examinations of your trees can allow sickness and other problems to infect and grow in your trees.  Some diseases are highly contagious and can even cause health issues for the homeowners.  It is best to catch them early for the continual health of your trees.

Below is a list of common tree diseases and their symptoms.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew looks like the name suggests.  It has the appearance of powder that has been sprinkled across the leaves of your plants and trees.  Warm daytime weather and cool and humid nighttime weather are the perfect conditions for this disease to grow.

While this disease is unsightly, it doesn’t usually kill a tree.  However, it is highly contagious and is carried to other plants by the wind.  When the infection becomes severe, it can kill your plants.  While death may not be the end result for your tree, this is still a disease you want to get rid of before it overtakes your landscape.  It will cause stunted grown in your plants, and will also cause the loss of leaves.

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt affects oak trees and can kill your tree within weeks.  The disease is fatal for all red oak species, but the white oak species aren’t quite as susceptible.  Beetles carry this disease from infected trees to healthy trees.

Symptoms begin in the top of the tree.  The leaves will rapidly turn brown and continue down the entire branch.  Leaves prematurely wilting and falling are other indicators.

Apple Scab

Apple Scab is a disease that affects apples and crabapples.  When a tree is infected, it is evident in the leaves and the fruit.  Spots on leaves are round and olive green.  The spots will continue to get bigger, turn black, and grow together.  Symptoms on the fruit is similar, with scabby spots that are tan in color.  This disease causes falling leaves.


This disease will target several parts of your tree: the twigs, leaves, flowers and the fruit.  Moist, warm weather helps this disease to spread.  Plants will show symptoms of dark, wet lesions that become covered with a pink gelatin-like mass.  Anthracnose can kill the healthy growth of fruit within days.

Thousand Canker Disease

Thousand Canker Disease affects walnut trees when Walnut Twig Beetles get beneath the bark of the tree while carrying a fungus.  This causes small dead spots in the tree, and over time with more beetle attacks and more cankers, the tree’s nutrients are hindered from moving through the tree.  One of the symptoms of this disease will be seen in the upper branch sections, where the leaves will turn yellow and the foliage will thin out.