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5 Fall Season Tree Care Tips

There are a few things to take care of when fall season comes. Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will list 5 of those for you.

Tree Care for the Fall Season

Summer weather for trees often entails many hot days and a low supply of water. When the fall season comes around, there are several things you can do that will help your trees enter the colder season on the best note of health possible.

Here is a list of the things you can do:

Mulch Fallen Leaves

When your leaves fall, use your lawnmower to mulch them into dime-sized pieces and spread them under your trees. The decomposing leaves will add nutrients to the soil around the tree. Check the leaves for signs of disease before mulching, so that you don’t use leaves that can spread disease.

You can also give your trees a slow releasing fertilizer that will aid the tree’s survival in the winter. The fertilizer can help the tree to become more resistant to pests and also improve its nutrients in the winter months.

Examine Your Bare Trees

Examine your trees once the leaves have fallen off. With the upcoming snow and ice, evaluate whether your limbs are strong enough to hold snow and ice without snapping or falling. This is also when you can look into your tree and search for anything that could be hazardous such as dead or partially broken branches.

Because the trees are bare, this is a good time to do the evaluating of your trees and to do any pruning that is necessary. You can also cable weaker limbs that are worth keeping to help them withstand any severe weather in the coming months.

This is also a good time to look over your trees for any missed invasions or infestations of insects or fungi that could become a major health threat to your trees.

Water Your Trees

At the end of summer, give your trees a good watering. The cooling weather won’t cause the water to evaporate as quickly and your trees will appreciate a good drink. This also ensures that your trees will stay well hydrated over the winter season.

Fall is a Good Time to Plant New Trees

Planting trees in the fall is a good option because tree roots are able to become established with the aid of the cooler weather and fall rain. When the roots are established over the next several months before the hot summer arrives, it will help the tree to withstand extreme weather conditions such as the high heat and lower amounts of water.

Trees go into a dormant stage during winter, therefore everything in the tree mimics an animal in hibernation. The tree does not need extra care during the winter months.

Give Extra Attention to New Trees

Trees can actually be stressed, and one of the times a tree experiences this is when it is being moved and planted to a new location. Take into account the amount of rain your area receives each week during the fall. Estimating what rain you’ve already received from nature, water your new trees once a week, subtracting the estimated amount that the trees have already received.