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Advanced Tree Felling Techniques

Today the local tree service expert, Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will discuss some advance techniques on tree felling.

A Glance at Tree Felling

Tree felling is cutting a tree down but is more in depth that just putting a chainsaw through the bottom of the trunk.  Proper techniques are used in order to keep the property and people near the tree safe.  Good intentions without proper knowledge has caused many a roof to be destroyed.

Below are some of the techniques used in tree felling.

The Tree Driving Technique

The technique of tree driving is to purposely cause one tree to fall into another to make both of them fall.  This is sometimes done when a tree has fallen and is tangled in with a tree next to it.

This technique absolutely must be done by a professional.  It is one of the leading causes of fatalities in tree felling.  This should not be attempted by someone who is not skilled with this technique.

The Bore Cutting Technique

Bore cutting is used when you are dealing with a tree that is leaning in an undesirable direction.  This technique gives you the ability to cause the tree to fall in the direction you want it to go.  A strap of wood is used to hold the tree steady and safely, and gives you the time you need to prepare exactly how you need to in order to make the tree fall in the correct place.

The Back Pulling Technique

If a tree is leaning toward your house or garage, or is a threat to something else, such as electrical lines, back pulling is a technique that can safely remove the tree without damaging the things around it.

This technique uses a winching set up that will pull the tree back from where it would naturally fall.  It also uses rope that helps to control where the three will fall.

Felling Aids

Metal breaking bars, sledgehammers and wedges are some of the different aids you may see during a tree removal.  These aids will help to keep a tree standing until the cutter is ready for it to come down.  They also ensure a fall that lands where they’ve designated it to land.

Using A Crane

There are times when using a crane is the only viable option.  If a tree is not structurally solid or is a great hazard, using a crane takes away the possibility of severe risk of a bodily injury.

Another reason that a tree service may use a crane is if the tree doesn’t have a place for the climber to tie to, which keeps him safe from falling out of the tree.  If the tree is able to be climbed safely yet the climber cannot get the brush of the tree down without causing damage to the roof of a house or other property where the tree is located, a crane will make the job possible without worry of damage to the surroundings.

Using a crane for extremely large trees helps with the wear and tear on other tree service equipment, and the bodily health and lack of injury to a tree crew.