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All Pruning: The Tree Crime Being Committed In Your Own Backyard

Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield advises against all pruning. The local tree service professionals recounts why it is bad.

The Tragedy of Tree Topping

Take a ten minute drive anywhere in your town and you will see them.  In the summer, you won’t really notice, but when the leaves are gone, they are rather unsightly and impossible to miss.  

Not only is tree topping a practice that gives way to faulty thinking on pruning trees, it is sadly still practiced by some tree companies.  

This is a practice you never want to allow to your own prized beauties.  Some people believe that topping is the safe solution for overgrowth on trees, however the opposite is true.  And in some cases, topping can actually kill your tree.

Why is Topping Bad?

The practice of topping a tree is when you have the whole top of the tree removed, along with large branches, cutting back to stubs.

The food processing factory for a tree is its leaves.  Topping a tree removes fifty percent or more of its leaves.  This causes the tree to go into survival mode because it is suddenly being starved.  Part of the tree’s response it to grow small shoots from the stumps that were one healthy limbs, so that leaves will grow quickly.  The new shoots are not strong and pose greater risks to breaking and falling, even as they mature into larger branches.  For those who were wanting their overgrowth cut back, the tree works hard to replenish what it needs through the new shoots and can cause greater overgrowth.

How Can Topping Kill a Tree?

A tree that has been topped kicks into survival mode, as mentioned before.  Trees use their energy to make the new shoots and leaves grow.  If a tree does not have the energy it needs to produce the new leaves, it cannot aid itself in the growth of the leaves it needs to receive nourishment.  And because of this, topping can kill a tree.

What Can You Do?

In some areas, you may see topped trees everywhere, and assume this is the proper practice.  Now that you have a better understanding of what topping actually is and what it actually does, you know you need an alternative.  Fortunately, professional tree services know that the practice of topping is a poor practice, and they can offer you proper tree pruning instead.  Trimming a tree properly can catch disease and infestations early, help the tree to have good air circulation by removing dead branches in the crown, and also take care of the overgrowth that people are concerned about.  While some have been lead to believe topping is the solution, putting your trees in the hands of the professionals will guarantee that you will have beautiful trees year round, instead of the unsightly appearance of a tree that’s been topped when it loses its leaves.

Consulting a professional about the needs of your trees is your best option.  An arborist can give you solid expert advice about proper trimming.  He can give you the information you need for each tree’s individual needs in pruning, maintenance and safety measures.