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Can You Tell If A Tree Is Sick?

Want to know if a tree is sick? Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will now tell you how, read further.

How Do Trees Tell You If They Are Sick?

The thought of whether a tree is sick or not probably never crosses your mind. You may see a large tree with one of its main branches dead and broken off, or an entire tree that is still standing but is obviously dead. These may be the only times you ever think about the mortality of a tree.

If you are a homeowner, it is important to familiarize yourself with trees beyond when signs of distress or dying is evident. While it may not seem like a big deal that needs thought about, examining your trees is important if you want to spare yourself and the tree many risks and problems.

Trees that are sick can lose limbs, which can cause serious injury and damage to the people and structures that are near it.

Your tree can give you several warnings that it is in need of attention. When you are out in your yard, look over each of your trees from time to time. Each of the following signs let you know that your tree needs closer examination and help for specific needs:

Leaves Changing and Falling Out of Season

Leaves should be rigid and the right color during spring and summer. Additionally, the leaves should be firmly attached to the tree. If they become limp and change color prematurely, there is a problem. This time of year, the tree should be keeping most of its leaves. If you notice a significant amount of falling leaves, the tree needs attention.

Falling Branches

Trees can shed branches that are no longer useful, but if it starts dropping branches at a rapid rate, this indicates a problem. If the fallen branches are also discolored and have lose their leaves out of season, your tree is suffering and needs help. It is important to not overlook these issues, even if appears to be just a small section of the tree that isn’t affecting anything around it. This is not the case, and the rest of your tree will begin to show signs as well.

Loose Tree Bark

Healthy trees have firmly attached tree bark. If you notice the bark is loose and falling off, it can be a sign that the tree is diseased or infested with pests. It can also indicate that the tree is being attacked by wild animals. Measures can be taken to help with these different problems.

Holes in the Trunk

If you see holes in the trunk of your tree, the tree is probably being infested with tree boring insects. You cannot leave this problem untreated. If not taken care of, the damage and increased number of borers attacking the tree can cause you to have to remove the tree.

Root Problems

If you see fungus or mushrooms growing at the base of your tree, that is an indicator that the roots of the tree are suffering. Root problems can spread up to healthier parts of the tree, and actions need to be taken so that this tree can survive and regain its health.