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Common Tree Removal Risks

Removing a tree can have great risk, even life threatening. We, Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield, will discuss some obstacles you may face when you are removing a tree on your own.

Obstacles You May Face When Removing a Tree

Removing a tree from your landscape is much more than just grabbing your chainsaw and a ladder and tackling the job. In fact, there are different risks you may face with each individual tree, so it is important to know the different steps you need to take when removing a tree per individual situation. Necessary precautions and tried and true know-how will save everyone a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when removing a tree:

Not Possessing the Equipment You Need

To start off, never try to tackle a tree job with a ladder. Many injuries occur because of this common mistake-serious injuries including broken bones and sometimes even death.

Removing a tree entails much more than just a chainsaw. Safety gear, tree harnesses, ropes and knowledge of the proper techniques are all part of the process. Once a tree is down, equipment for removal makes the task much easier, such as a crane(at times), wood chipper and stump grinder.

When you don’t have access to these tools and equipment, and lack the knowledge of proper techniques, you are putting yourself and your property at risk.

Weakened Wood

There are challenges to removing a dead or dying tree. The longer a dead tree is left to stand, the weaker it becomes, causing potential danger to its surrounding area. This also applies to having the tree removed. It becomes weaker, making challenges to removal by dropping branches without warning and breaking more easily. This must be approached with caution, otherwise you could face serious injury.

Miscalculations When Cutting

Videos circulating the world wide web have shown us many incidents where a well-meaning landowner attempts to take down his own tree without any real knowledge about the procedure. Time and time again everyone in the video and everyone watching the video online stares in horror as the tree lands in all different places it was not intended to go. Smashed roofs and damaged houses are a common ending in this scenario. The man holding the saw might be scratching his head, wondering what possibly went wrong.

Knowing how to properly remove a tree limb by limb, using calculations for the fall, and having the ropes and equipment necessary for a successful removal are all part of the process. Without taking heed to the advice and knowledge of the professionals who have done this task for many homeowners can lead to disaster.

Overhead Power Lines

Not every tree is close to power lines but removing the trees that are can be a dangerous job. You may not be aware of this, but when a live wire is not properly insulated, it can pass its electricity through the tree. This can cause electrocution if someone is touching the tree.

It is an absolute must that proper care and caution are taken when working around power lines. A wrong move could literally cost you your life.