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Easy Tips To Care For The Trees In Your Yard

Here are some easy tips for your tree care but you may also want to hire a local tree service company for your tree needs.

Simple Tree Care Tips

Mature trees in landscaping are a desired asset to a home. It takes many years for trees to reach the width and height of full maturity that is desired, which should encourage you to pay some time and attention to the towering beauties on your property. This is a fitting place for the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. If a tree is neglected when it is suffering with disease or other serious problems, it may need to be removed and a new, young tree put in its place. Younger trees, of course, will take several years to replace the look of the former tree and its maturity.

There is care and attention you can give your trees to ensure they thrive and maintain an attractive appearance.

Some of the things you can do:

Water Your Trees When Necessary

Get familiar with your trees and how much water they need for optimal health. Some trees will suffer if you water them too much, and others will be will appreciate a much greater amount of water.

Trim Your Trees Regularly

Trees should be pruned every three to five years. However, examining your trees for potential issues should be done more often. If you become aware of new problems, such as a diseases limb, or evidence that insects are taking up residence in part of the tree, trimming and treatment are necessary. For these things, you don’t want to wait every few years. The tree will have suffered a great amount more when disease and insects are not addressed.

Along with the trimming of your trees, removing grass around the base of the tree is another way to aid in healthy trees. Grass under your tree takes from the nutrients in the soil that the tree also needs. Making a circle around the tree with mulch instead has benefits, one being the nutrients getting to the tree, and the other being that mowers and trimmers won’t accidentally hit your tree, causing wounds to the trunk and bark.

A Little More on the Tree Trunk and Bark

As mentioned before, mowers and trimmers can cause wounds to your tree’s trunk and bark. Solid bark on your trees is important for the tree to be able to carry the nutrients up to the rest of the tree. Pay attention that the bark stays intact. If you notice a ring developing around the base of the trunk and the bark is disappearing, it is likely your tree bark is being eaten by animals. This can kill your tree and needs remedied as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget the Care of Your Tree’s Roots

Roots of a tree are of the utmost importance. Weak and wounded roots can cost you your beloved tree if not taken care of.

If you are planting new trees, give the trees space between each other. Also select areas that the tree is least likely to sustain damage, such as planting a good distance from your driveway.

You will also want to avoid adding too much extra soil around the roots, or too much digging. When soil becomes compacted below your tree, it affects the growth of your tree.