reasons to tree trimming

Fantastic Reasons To Trim Your Trees

There are fantastic reasons to trim your trees that Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will impart to you.

Why You Should Use a Tree Service to Trim Your Trees

Having mature trees as part of your landscape adds value and beauty to your property and home’s aesthetics. A healthy tree is not only beautiful to look at, it has other benefits that we appreciate as well.

Along with giving us fresher air to breathe, we enjoy the shade they give us in summer, the privacy they give us with even the best of neighbors, and even cut down on the amount of airborne matter that finds its way into our homes when planted near the road.

We have many reasons to love trees, and several great reasons to make sure we take care of them. Even though trees may not need constant attention, they still need proper attention each year.

Letting a professional tree service help you with the proper maintenance of your trees will ensure your trees are getting the best care and attention they need.

Below are some of the reasons why you should call a tree service:

They are Fully Equipped for the Job

When you call a tree service to tend to the needs of your trees, they are much more than just a few sets of hands. The crew has skills in all areas of tree care, including proper climbing and safety techniques, which should be practiced with every job that requires climbing the tree. The proper use of roping and knots, different tools for cutting, and training for a good trim are all part of their services.

Removing Serious Threats to Bodily Harm

It isn’t uncommon to hear of homeowners attempting to trim their own trees, only to end up seriously or fatally injured. Climbing trees and practicing safety must be performed together, and your tree crew has the knowledge and safety gear to carry out this task. Well meaning homeowners have attempted to use a regular step ladder more than once, not realizing they may be facing a tragic ending result. Harnesses and proper roping techniques help a tree climber to swing around your trees safely and more easily than attempts from the ground that cannot properly do the job. It is absolutely not worth the risk of trading your life for a few reachable tree limbs that you can cut on your own.

While you may feel that trimming is something optional, regular attention to your trees will help you attain healthy trees for years to come. Beyond keeping the shape of your tree attractive, trimming improves the health of the tree. Because you are having the crown of the tree trimmed of dead branches, air circulation is improved, which also helps reduce the chances of your tree catching a fungal disease. Removing the dead limbs also lessens the hazard of branches falling on unsuspecting victims that can be seriously injured. Fruit trees will grow a greater number of fruit and larger in size, and being up close to your trees for trimming will help you to catch any oncoming issues that need immediate attention, such as infestations or diseases.