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Here’s What You Need To Do When Tree Roots Encroach On Your Home

Tree roots might become a problem. Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield discuss how tree roots can be invasive or encroach your home.

Dealing with Invasive Roots

Nobody wants to deal with the problem of invasive tree roots once they’ve reached the destructive stage.  Trees search for nutrients and water, which they discover in sewers and plumbing systems.  Once they break through, the problems begin.  

Above Ground Roots

Sometimes the soil where a tree is growing is not loose enough for the roots to penetrate, which is one reason you may see roots above the soil.  Generally roots are about a foot underground, and become visible above ground when they become large.  Rain and wind can also contribute to roots that become visible.

There are also times when roots don’t have enough oxygen underground, so they surface to receive it.  The roots then become accustomed to living above ground.  This becomes concerning when you notice that the roots are spreading near your home.  

Far Reaching Damage

Most of us have seen raised sidewalks and pavement because of the effects of tree roots.  As a tree grows, its roots grow under the sidewalk where there is oxygen and water.  Once the roots have grown along with the entire tree growing, and the roots get large enough, it results in the sidewalk or pavement raising.

While we are familiar with this in our communities, this can also become a similar scenario in our own homes with certain trees.  Keep an eye out for signs of root invasion.  The signs include vertical cracks in the walls or your home’s foundation, floor buckling and misshapen frames around your doors and windows.

Driveway Damage

Large trees that are close to your driveway can become troublesome as the roots continue to grow.  They can raise your pavement, making your driveway uneven and a tripping hazard.

Plumbing Damage

Unfortunately, our plumbing isn’t always safe from invasive roots either.  Roots are attracted to whatever water sources it finds, and if your pipes happen to have a leak in them, the tree roots will find them.  This is especially true for the terracotta pipes that were used many years ago and are still under many homes.  Pipes that have root invasion clog your drains and don’t unclog with drain cleaners, affect your water flow, and can cause other leaks.  Not only is this problem terribly frustrating, it is also rather costly to fix.  

What Can Be Done?

Now that you are better informed about invasive roots, there are a few preventative measures you can take to avoid the problem when planting new trees.  

Distance and Barriers

When planting new trees, keep the tree several feet away from any underground water sources.  Root barriers are basically an underground wall that prevent roots from reaching places that will cause damage.

Tree Trimming

Roots that are above the ground can be trimmed.  It’s important to avoid cutting the main roots, as it will kill your tree.

Tree Removal

If a tree is beyond preventative stages, and you notice the roots are beginning to grow out of control, you may have to choose having your tree removed to prevent further damage.