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Is Your Tree Falling Over? Know The Warning Signs NOW!

Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield is a local tree service expert and we know the warning signs when a tree is about to fall over which we will discuss today.

Is Your Tree in Danger of Falling?

Falling trees may not be the biggest concern on minds of homeowners, but if there is a tree that is at risk of falling, you should never ignore the signs.  Seek professional advice immediately.  

Sadly, more than one person has been fatally injured by a tree or heavy tree limb falling on them.  While human life is the greatest concern, falling trees can also cause severe property damage.  

Doing your part by inspecting your trees and looking for potential signs of concern can save property damage and severe injuries to unsuspecting passersby.

Trees can give obvious signs that they are going to fall, but not all of the signs are obvious if you aren’t looking too closely.  If you aren’t knowledgeable about trees, you will overlook some of the tree’s indications that it may fall.

The list below can give you some signs to look for.  Although some of the signs can be another issue aside from possibly falling, if you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call a professional.  He can help you understand what is happening with your tree and what options you may have to correct its problems, or if the safest option is to have the tree removed.  Calling a professional as soon as you are aware of these problems can help you avoid additional issues.

The Tree Is Leaning

Many trees lean slightly, which is perfectly normal.  But if you notice you tree losing its nearly straight posture, it indicates that the roots are weakening.  This may begin by a severe storm or strong winds coming through your area.  Because the roots are losing their strength to hold the tree upright, the tree is in danger of falling with every following storm and strong winds that come through.   

The Trunk Has Holes

Trees will shed itself of branches that are no longer useful, so at times this is natural.  However, when your tree drops its branches and holes are left in the trunk, this is an opening for infestation to occur, and can weaken the tree, making it a falling hazard.  If the problem is treated and does not spread, the tree can survive if the better part of the tree is still healthy.

The Tree is Losing Its Branches

As already mentioned, trees will do some self-pruning when branches are no longer useful.  This should not be happening on a large scale though.  Sometime trees that are lacking nutrients will rid themselves of branches in an attempt to minimize their size for the purpose of less tree needing nourished.  A tree lacking proper nutrients is weakening and can possibly fall.  Caught in time, a malnourished tree may be able to be brought back to health.

Leaves Shedding Abnormally

Each year a tree sheds its leaves around fall time.  But if you notice the tree losing its leaves prematurely and the shedding starts in the center of the tree rather than the exposed area, that indicates a problem.