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It Is Time To Remove The Tree In Your Yard?

Should You Have That Tree Removed?

We at Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield would love to discuss with you one question today. To remove or not to remove that tree in your yard. Read further as we discuss and eventually hope we are able to answer your question.

We often treasure the beauty our yards give to us.  We nurture them with TLC, and soak in the lush greens and pops of color that they give back.  Our tall beauties that dot our landscapes have become pillars that offer shade and ornamentation.

Because our trees are alive, there are times we must deal with treating them for infestations and disease.  And sometimes, we have to decide if we need to remove a tree altogether for those reasons or others.

Let us consider some of the different reasons that a tree may need to be removed.

What is the Tree’s Chance of Survival?

Our towering beauties become sick for different reasons.  Diseases can move in and spread, and insect invasion can do the same.  The more a disease of infestation spreads, the more damage and weakened the tree becomes.  

Talk to a professional about options for having the tree treated and listen to his knowledgeable advice and expert opinion on what you can or should do.  He can guide you by letting you know if your tree can be nursed back to health, or if it will not recover from what has caused it to fall ill.

The cost of removing a sick tree can consist of only the price of the tree removal and stump being ground, or the price can increase if you decide to plant another tree in the same place.  Depending on the size of a newly planted tree and also the species, cost can vary significantly.  Consider these things when making a decision.  

Will Your Tree Recover?

As mentioned above, some trees cannot or will not recover.  You can do your best to maintain your plants and trees so that disease will never take them from you.  However, other unforeseen circumstances can impact them, giving you no other choice but to remove them.  We can be diligent on our end, but sometimes Mother Nature steps in and makes changes for us.  

If a strong storm comes through your area, the severe winds can damage your trees beyond recovery.  Furthermore, approximately fifty percent of trees that are struck by lightning die instantly.  The rest are weakened and more open to diseases.  Removing them is often the best choice because of the hazard the tree becomes to property and more importantly, bodily injury to those around it, if the branches begin to fall.

Where is the Tree Located?

Trees seems to turn up in some of the most unusual places.  But actually, it may be that new homes have been built, making the tree location no longer just ornamentation, but an obstacle to a new driveway, or a side wing to the home.  Other trees that were planted many, many years ago, may finally have a root system that has broken through the old terra cotta pipes underground that were used before more modern, non-porous pipes were introduced.

These may be times when removal is necessary.