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Fairfield's Land Clearing Professionals

Finding the right Land Clearing Expert in Fairfield, CT can be difficult. There are dozens of unqualified tree clearing "experts" throughout Fairfield County.

Rest assured Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield CT is 100% licensed, insured and has an A+ Rating on the BBB.

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Need Land Clearing? We handle Residential and Commercial Land and Lot Clearing throughout Fairfield County

Mr Tree Service of Fairfield has been providing Residential and Commercial Land Clearing in Fairfield as well as surrounding areas of Connecticut for years.

Our land clearing, lot clearing, and low price programs have become a staple of our tree company.  Need help?  We do Land Clearing in Fairfield, CT!

Clearing land is not a walk in the park for most tree service companies, but for our Tree Pros, it's just another day at the office.  We have the equipment, tools, and expertise to make quick work of brush, trees, rocks, and scrub grass in order to leave you with usable space.

​The majority of our jobs for land clearing are for commercial areas, but we do service residential areas as well.

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Top 3 Reasons to Clear Your Residental Land:

Land Clearing to Reduce Bugs & Pests

Mosquitos, bugs, and other pests live in the forest you have in your backyard. Do you resort to using chemically infused Citronella candles just to survive an outdoor dinner?  Using our land clearing services can drastically reduce the level of bugs invading your family dinners.

Clearing Land to improve backyard Aesthetics and Landscape

Improve the aesthetic of your backyard!  You work too hard to look at a bunch of scattered trees, vines, and overgrowth.  Creating space in your back yard can lead to new landscaping possibilities, such as a garden. If you feel that your backyard needs a makeover, but have no idea how to approach such a daunting task, call us at 203-242-7510 to get an expert's opinion without any financial obligation. ​

Increasing your Home's Value with Land Clearing Services

Upgrade your home's value with a pool.  We have great a relationship with a local pool contractor who will provide an estimate before your trees are cleared. Imagine you and your friends in your brand new pool for a mid-afternoon dip. It doesn't get better than that!

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Top 3 Reasons to Clear Your Commercial Land

Offer your Potential Client's More Visibility into your Property by Increasing Curb Appeal

Property owners know that having a better curb appeal makes the property look more welcoming to anyone who passes by. With this, having cleared more land to increase the visibility of your commercial property could potentially invite more customers to check out your business.

Clearing Land Can Create Less Maintenance for Buyers

When you do decide to sell your commercial property to a buyer or a commercial property realtor, it will be much easier for you to sell the property, since any buyer can easily renovate the cleared land if they wish to do something else with it. It could potentially get you closer to your asking price, since the buyer wouldn't need to negotiate for potentially clearing any piece of land that he or she wants to use in the future.

Increase the Revenue of your Commercial Property

With an improved curb appeal, not only can your commercial property have more foot traffic, but commercial property owners can also increase their revenue by preparing more retail or office space with the newly cleared and freshly landscaped land.

Land Clearing FAQ

Just like how we had a lot of questions for our business coach from Denver,  we also get a ton of questions about our Land Clearing Service in Fairfield.  Often local Fairfield business owners and residents stumble upon our land clearing page while looking to get a couple of trees removed.

If you're just looking to get a couple of trees removed than check out our Fairfield Tree Removal Service.  We also have our Fairfield Stump Removal Service for those who want to get a few stumps removed. Alternatively, if you're looking to other home services, you can check out Rhino Rooter.

Our Tree Service does a lot more than Land Clearing Service in Fairfield CT.  Check out the other Tree Services available in Fairfield CT.

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