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Proof that your trees are unhealthy

Mr. Service of Fairfield will now discuss how you will know whether your trees are healthy or unhealthy.

Evidence of Poor Health in Your Trees

You may look out over your landscaping and admire your beautiful trees, but not give much thought to the idea that they may need some attention.  If you aren’t familiar with the care of trees, you may not realize that there are signs to look for on your trees that will let you know if the tree has some issues that need addressed.  

In tree care, the sooner the needs of a tree are met, the greater the chances are that a tree will recover well and live many more years.

If you aren’t very knowledgeable about tree problems, below is a list to help you look for indicators that your tree needs some extra attention.

Unhealthy Branches

If you notice a large amount of dead branches, or the branches are decaying with fungus or mushrooms growing on them, your tree needs help.  It has an infestation and will spread if it isn’t properly treated.

Pale or Loose Tree Bark

Some trees go through a natural shedding process.  There is no need for concern if you notice the bark is shedding, but there is another layer of bark underneath what is coming off.

However, if you see a tree that is peeling, and there is either fungus or bare tree underneath, these are signs that your tree may be diseased or damaged.

Bark that turns white may possibly have a fungus called Powdery Mildew.  While not fatal for your tree, this fungus is highly contagious to the rest of your landscaping and should be addressed.  Wind carries powdery mildew to your other plants, so is best to take care of the problem as soon as you notice it.  This will help avoid a larger issue.

Bare Spots on the Tree

Bare spots on your trees are a sign that boring insects or caterpillars have eaten through the bark.  This weakens your tree and needs your attention.  The tree becomes weaker the more they feed on it.

Discolored, Misshapen and Undergrown Leaves

Leaves are a great indicator of whether your tree is having problems.  If you notice the leaves changing color before they should, or if they are misshapen or have stunted growth, your tree’s health is suffering.  This includes if you only see a section of the leaves changing, while the rest of the tree stays the right color.  Sometimes this is how a disease makes its initial appearance.  In some cases, diseases move very quickly and can destroy the tree within weeks.  


Seeing insects that have gathered on your tree and have taken up residency is something that needs your attention.  When left untreated, this situation can kill your tree.

Holes in the Branches

Finding a bunch of little holes in your branches are another indicator of insects.  As with other insects, you don’t want to leave this problem untreated.

Stunted Growth in Flowers and Fruit

If your normally healthy trees start struggling to have a healthy harvest of flowers and fruit, it too indicates your tree is being attacked by pests.