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Pruning Trees – How It Helps

There are proper ways to do your tree pruning and the local tree service expert, Mr. Tree Service Fairfield, will discuss today.

How Proper Pruning Helps Your Trees

If you aren’t too knowledgeable about trees, you may be under the assumption that you can leave them alone, and unless lightning strikes it, the tree will live a long healthy life and will die many years down the road.  Not everyone realizes that sun and water are not all that a tree needs during its lifetime.  In fact, when trees are not attended to, they can develop problems that will shorten their lives.  Sometimes, it is even possible for a tree to die within weeks or a few short months when certain problems have not been addressed.

The practice of pruning your trees should become a regular part of the care for your trees.  Many trees need to be pruned every three to five years.  It does much more than help keep the shape of the tree.  

Below are several reasons to prune your trees:

  • As mentioned above, it helps your tree to have a continual nice form.
  • The natural shine of a tree will not become dull.
  • It can help to improve the life of a struggling tree.
  • Fruit will grow better.
  • It improves the aesthetics of your home and property.
  • It allows sunlight to better reach the plants under the tree and helps them to grow better.
  • It takes care of weak and dead branches that may later fall, creating a risk for injury to humans and property.
  • It helps the crown of the tree have better circulation, which also reduces the chance of your tree becoming infested with disease.

Different Methods Used in Pruning Your Tree

Depending on the needs of your trees, different methods of pruning will be used that best suits the needs.

Fine Pruning

Fine pruning is trimming the tree to help it keep its attractive appearance and form.  This involves trimming the crown of the tree and removing small stems.  While dead and diseased branches will be pruned during this process, the main purpose is for aesthetics and basically a “tune-up”.

Standard Pruning

Standard pruning is the trimming of the tree for several reasons.  This type of trimming will removed branches that have died or are dying, are weak, or have disease.  It also removes branches that are may be in the way of something nearby. This method also included thinning out branches to help with better circulation in the crown of the tree.

Crown Reduction Pruning

Crown reduction pruning is for the purpose of reducing the size of a tree.  This method included trimming branches back to make the height lower, and to also make the diameter of the tree not as wide.  This method should not be confused with tree topping, which is a poor practice than can cause significant damage to your trees.

Hazard Pruning

Hazard Pruning is as it sounds.  Branches that are weak and at risk of falling will be pruned.  This removes hazardous branches that could potentially harm a person or property.  This also helps less probability of weak branches breaking off due to a severe storm or strong winds.