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Questions To Ask Your Prospective Tree Trimming Services Provider!

Do you need to hire a local tree service provider? Here are some tips in choosing the right one!

Hiring the Right Tree Service

There is no shame in wanting to ask questions when you are planning to hire a tree service to take care of the needs on your property. You are trusting them to treat your property with respect and care, while also taking care of the needs of your trees so that they will thrive.

You can expect certain things when a tree service shows up to work in your yard. They should be equipped with safety gear, the necessary tools, and machinery needed for the job.

Beyond being fully equipped to tackle your tree work, take a few extra minutes of your time to ask a few questions. A tree service that is trustworthy won’t mind, and you will have peace of mind over the entire process.

Questions to ask:

Are You Fully Insured?

Although uncommon, tree crews have taken down trees with unusual circumstances. Some homeowners are unaware that a previous owner tried to save their tree by pouring concrete in it, for example. Or an already hazardous tree responded to cutting in an abnormal way.

In other words, accidents can still happen with a tree service doing your work, but is much more unlikely. However, in case some sort of accident does occur, that is the reason they are insured. You will be much more at ease knowing this information.

Ask them to show you proof of insurance.

Do You Have Any Credentials?

Credentials will put your mind at ease when you need work done close to electrical lines. A certified arborist has experience in tree care and will help you correctly identify the needs and treatments for your trees.

If a tree service does not have a certified arborist, many still give training to the workers. And you can have more confidence by asking the following question.

Do You Have References?

Talk to others who have had tree work done by the company you are considering. You will learn of the experiences others had with the tree service. They can let you know of the professionalism, concern and care, and knowledge and skills of the company.

Ask for references that are the most recent rather than in years past.

Does the Estimate for the Tree Work Include Everything?

When you receive an estimate for the work you want done on your trees, make sure all of the costs are included on the estimate. Keep in mind that if you add additional work after you receive the estimate, the price will go up as well.

How Will You Do the Job?

You can find out what to expect the day of your tree work by asking how they handle a job, such as the equipment they will be bringing. You can also find out if you need to move anything out of their way. You will want to make sure you and the tree service are both clean on clean-up. Some homeowners will do their own clean-up to save money, or tree services will add it to the price of their other tree work.