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Removing Dead or Decaying Trees— Why it’s a Good Idea

It’s a good idea to remove your dead trees but we believe it’s much better if you let an expert tree service company to do it for you. Still don’t want to remove that dead tree? Here are some more good reasons why.

Reasons to Remove Dead Trees

We love trees. Beautifully filled out foliage that decorates the air between the ground and the sky. Life without our towering friends would not only change everything around us by how we see things, it would also have a negative impact on our lives as human beings on planet Earth.

So, while we want to keep the Earth plentiful with benefits from the trees, is it always bad to cut down a tree? Even a dead tree?

We need to remember that there are times when a tree needs to come down. Not all trees live to be hundreds of years old. When they die, they are no longer benefitting us as they do when they’re alive. Furthermore, landowners choose to have trees removed when they’ve died for different reasons, and here are some of those reasons:


While this may not sound like a good reason at face value, let’s consider dead trees that are still part of our landscaping. Mature trees can increase the value of our property, but dead trees can become a serious hazard to passersby because they are weak and have great potential to fall. While there may be a haunting beauty is an old majestic tree that has died but is still standing, it is also a risk to serious bodily or structural harm to anything near it and should be removed.


As mentioned above, dead trees are weak. There are no longer nutrients climbing through the trunk and branches to keep it strong. It is the shell of what had previously been a healthy tree full of life. Once the life has gone out of a tree, the chances of it being blown over by severe storms and strong winds only increases.

Dealing with Diseases

If a tree has possibly died from being infected with disease, the problem that caused the death of one tree will become the reason that other nearby trees will also become infected and possibly die. Disease passes to other trees by insects and winds, depending on the problem. Leaving a dead tree is an open invitation to nature to take the disease to the healthier plants and trees surrounding it.

A Perfect Hotel for Many Pests

Most people don’t really mind seeing the cute little squirrel running circle up your trees, but unfortunately, a dead tree doesn’t only attract cute little squirrels. You may end up seeing mice and rats as well, which have a way of finding a path to the inside of your home and inviting their friends to join them.

Even though a mouse might not be the biggest problem either, there are several insects that would be happy to take up residence in the dead tree. Finding a colony of ants is not a pleasant surprise, and neither is finding the uninvited beetle. Probably the greatest concern for invasion is that of termites. The little yard pests have found their way into many a home, and it is a headache everyone should avoid when possible.