Signs You Need To Remove The Tree In Your Yard

There are signs that you definitely need to do a tree removal. Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will show you whether to remove your tree or note.

Is Tree Removal Your Only Choice?

The trees in your landscaping have a way of making you feel like they are part of your family.  Unfortunately, there are times that you have to make the difficult decision to have a tree removed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the beauty of the tree was all you needed to worry about?  Sadly, other factors play into the decisions we have to make.  The greatest concern of whether we can keep a tree or need to remove it is the safety of the things and people around it.  Fallen trees have injured and even killed people, which is the most devastating possibility.  Damaging the property around the tree is another very real possibility.

Even though you may not want to have a tree removed, sometimes it is necessary.  

You can look for a few signs that will tell you that your tree is a potential hazard that needs to be removed.

Your Tree Begins to Lean

Walk completely around your tree regularly to check it’s stance.  If you notice that the tree has taken on a leaning posture when it was previously straight, this can be a sign of a serious problem.  It indicates that the roots of your tree have lost their strength.

Overgrown Limbs

Regularly maintained trees don’t have the challenge of getting overgrown limbs under control.

Not only do unkempt trees look unsightly, they can also become dangerous.

While a tree that is under power lines may not need to be removed, it is essential that you keep the tree well maintained.  Trees that hit power lines can cause damage to your home, but more importantly, it can become an electrical hazard to you and your family.  Trees can carry electrical currents, which can cause a tragic scene you don’t want to ever face.

Obvious Damage

As strong as trees can be, a severe storm and major winds can change the strength and health that had been there previously.  You should regularly examine your trees for different problems they may face, and certainly after a severe storm has come through your yard.

A tree may survive a small amount of damage done by storms over the years, but if your tree has been victim by several storms and over half of the tree has been seriously damaged, it may be necessary to have your tree removed.

Your Tree Has Disease

There are several indicators that a tree has become diseased.  Discolored and withered leaves, missing bark, and soggy soil at the base of the tree are all signs that tell of a greater issue.  

Some of the issues, when caught early on, can be treated and the tree brought back to better health.  Other issues are contagious and deadly, making the best option to have the tree removed.

When you are faced with the possibility of needing a tree removed, talk to a professional.  He can give you expert advice and share his knowledge about your tree’s issues.  He will help you to make an informed decision whether you are able to keep your trees, or need to have them removed.