The Benefits Of Tree Pruning

There are some benefits to pruning your trees, and today Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will discuss some.

Why You Should Prune Your Trees

There are several reasons that regular maintenance should be done on your trees.  Pruning reaches much further than simply making your trees look prettier.  A tree left to itself can develop issues that cause it to become hazardous to those around it, including humans and property.  Read on to learn some of the important reasons to having your trees pruned regularly.

For the Health of the Tree

When a tree is properly pruned it includes the removal of dead branches.  This is good in that it can prevent decay from spreading from the branches.  It also reduces risks of larger branches surprising you with a fall you didn’t expect, which often damages structures and other things around it, including people.

When you prune the crown of the tree, removing dead branches, it increases the air circulation in the tree.  This is good for the tree, leaving it less open to mold and disease.

Pruning done on a young tree helps the tree’s shape.

For the Appearance of the Tree

While aesthetics might not be the most important part of pruning a tree, it is still a beneficial part of pruning.  There is nothing wrong with wanting proper maintenance and an attractive tree as well.  It also aids the tree with having proper structure because it stops the growth of weaker branches.

For Better Quality of Fruit

Fruit trees left to themselves can hinder their own growth.  They tend to grow too many large branches, which blocks out the sunlight to the inner area of the tree and also the lower branches.  Because of the lack of sunlight, the flowering of the tree is hindered, and more branches suffer weakness.

Pruning takes care of the problems that can occur when no maintenance is practiced.  It opens up the canopy of the tree for more sunlight, allowing for better production of your fruit.  It also removes damaged branches and water sprouts, along with shaping the tree.

The proper pruning of fruit trees should begin in the young years of the tree’s life to promote a good harvest every year, instead of what is called “alternate bearing”.  That is when a tree has a good harvest one year, and a weak harvest the next year.  

To Clear Obstacles for People

Over time, trees that were once no problem develop a few issues outside of themselves when they are not pruned.  Low hanging branches can hinder the visibility of street signs when they grow out.  A hidden stop sign is a fender bender just waiting to happen.  Hidden signs with the speed limit and yielding instructions can also lead to more accidents when the need for pruning is dismissed.

Low hanging branches can also cause obstacles for people using sidewalks.  If the branches tend to blend in with the scenery around it, the obstacle of the branch could also become an injury to walkers who did not see it.  A neighborly stroll should not turn into a need for stitches or pain reliever.