The Importance Of Tree Stump Removal Services

There are some importances to hiring a local tree service company like Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield for your tree stump removal, which we will discuss now so read further.

Hiring a Tree Service to Remove Your Stumps

You may have had a tree that showed signs of weakness or disease, and decided to have it removed because it couldn’t be saved. Now that the threat of the tree falling on someone or a structure on your property is gone, the task is done.

But wait! You still have a stump in your yard. Does it matter if you leave the stump there, or should you have it removed? And if you decide on having it removed, should you do it yourself, or have someone do it for you?

Let’s look at the options:

To Leave or to Remove the Stump

You can always leave a stump in your yard when you have a tree removed, but there are many reasons to complete the project.

Although it isn’t the most important reason and poses no threat, you may want to remove it simply to keep your yard more attractive. But keep in mind that stumps can cause damage to your lawnmower if you accidentally hit it when trying to mow the tall grass around it.

If you enjoy entertaining outside with company, stumps are a tripping hazard for you and your guests. If you have children who play in the yard, this also becomes a falling risk for them, and takes up space in yard that is better suited for free running around and playing in the grass. The roots can be partially above ground which also adds to being a tripping hazard.

Stumps attract several types of insects, which will then take up residence in the leftover wood. These insects include ants and termites. If the stump is near the house, these insects have a way of finding the path into your home and bringing their relatives when they come.

Probably the costliest reason you to choose stump removal is because of the possibility of the roots damaging your underground sewer and water lines, and possibly even the foundation under your home. Driveways have even been known to be left uneven and damaged because of large tree roots.

If one or more of these reasons convince you to have your stumps removed, the next decision is to decide if you want to hire a tree service or remove it yourself.

Let’s compare the options offer:

Tree Service Removal or Owner Removal

When you are dealing with the removal of a tree stump, you are dealing with a solidly grounded block of wood that is held in place by deeply grounded roots. While it is possible to remove a stump on your own, the options are either physically exhausting and time consuming, or the process will take weeks to months to complete.

Having a tree service bring in a stump grinder will save your body from potential injury and greatly reduce the amount of time to complete the task. A stump grinder can also easily remove the large, far reaching roots with much less effort than by digging them out by hand.