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Tree Pruning: Choosing the Right Time

Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield will discuss when is the right time to do tree pruning.

What Season Should Trees Be Pruned?

Something everyone loves to soak in each year is the beautiful picture nature gives us when she brings forth a new season of leaves. With the blue sky in the background, our tall lawn friends spread their foliage across each limb, giving us so much beauty to behold.

“Although these attractive forms may seem as if they require no effort or help, something that keeps our trees healthy and beautiful is proper pruning.” as David from would say.

In order to help your trees thrive and look their best, prune your trees at the right time of year.

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

Pruning is best for most trees if you do it in late winter or early spring. This is a time that trees are dormant, and when the tree has a wound that needs to seal from being pruned, the threat of disease and infestation is not there because both are dormant. As the tree moves toward its growing season, it will work quickly to seal off the wounds from pruning. Pruning does cause a wound on a tree, but the goal is to make the wound as minor as possible. Trees don’t actually heal from wounds. The tree just covers the wound with new growth, which seals the wound.

If you decide to prune your trees sooner, after the leaves fall in the fall season is the earliest you should choose for most trees, fruit trees being the exception. The other exception are trees that are a hazard to the property and people around it. You don’t want to leave a tree that is in danger of falling left until a later season. Strong winds and severe storms can bring your damaged tree down and possibly cause tremendous damage to your property of any people that are close to it.

When the leaves fall off the trees in the fall, this is a good time to inspect the tree for disease and infestation. Because there are no leaves to cover the tree, you can also see the structure and shape of the tree, and accurately trim the tree to keep its attractive shape.

Because of the cooler temperatures during these months, disease and infestation is less likely to happen on your freshly pruned tree.

It is important to avoid cutting the leaf and flower buds off for the following spring season. If you cut off the buds, the tree has to work harder to reproduce new leaves and buds. It will also affect the blooming potential of your tree.

While summer is not the recommended time to prune your trees, this is especially true for oak trees. Avoid trimming oak trees during summer months if at all possible.

While trees need pruned regularly, that actually means every three to five years for most trees. You also should avoid pruning young and newly planted trees. The leaves are necessary for helping with new growth. As with other trees though, removed any branches that are dead or hazardous.