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We Do Tree Trimming in Fairfield

Finding the right Tree Tree Trimmer in Fairfield, CT can be difficult. There are many uninsured tree trimmers in throughout Fairfield County.

Rest assured Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield CT is 100% licensed, insured and has an A+ Rating on the BBB.

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Expert Tree Cutting Service in Fairfield, Connecticut

Tree Trimming in Fairfield CT has very sought after.  Mr Tree Service of Fairfield handles all your tree cutting, trimming and pruning needs.  People sometimes call us Fairfield Tree Trimming instead!

Getting a good trim or cut for your trees is important to maintain beautiful landscapes.  A beautiful backyard is important in the Nutmeg State.  So when your tree needs a cut you know who to call for assistance...  Our Fairfield Tree Service offers the best tree cutting service and is esteemed by many Fairfield Mustang Fans.

We'll take those uncut, bushy trees, saplings and shrubs, and turn them into freshly trimmed masterpieces.  Give us a call for a tree trimming quote at 203-242-7510, and get those trees clipped today!

Just need to get Tree Trimmings Removed?  Check out our Fairfield Tree Trimming Removal Service.

Why Get Your Tree Trimmed?

Tree Trimming for Landscape Enhancement

Walking outside of your Fairfield home into a backyard that looks like a forest certainly is not ideal.  Tree trimming and removal are essential tools to enhance your landscape.  Getting a fresh trim or cut monthly the best way to keep your backyard scene classy.

Thinning Out the Top of Trees for More Sunlight

Allowing more light to shine through your crowded tree tops is one of the many reasons people choose our tree trimming service.  People often want more direct sunlight to warm their pool or help their garden flourish.  A few hundred bucks worth of tree cutting can easily save you hundreds on your pool heating each month.

Shaping Your Tree with Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is also an excellent way to shape your trees.  We get requests from many Danburians who want their trees shaped a certain way.  Our Tree Pruning Service in Fairfield will do just that.

​Getting a nice haircut makes you look great for a month, doesn't it?  Why not treat your trees to a nice cut every few months! And if you have relatives or friends living over in Middletown CT, there is also a local Middletown Tree Service that can do the job as well.

Invigorate Your Tree's Growth Cycle

Thinning your tree out is a great way to improve its growth rate.  Contrary to popular belief, any tree removal service such as The Ridgefield Tree Service will tell you that cutting the inside limbs of your tree's crown will create more growth.

Remove Tree Branches growing close to your Home

In the Fairfield area, homes are usually closer in proximity than in Bethel or Ridgefield; therefore, removing overgrown tree branches is a popular service because it gives your land a more spacious look.

Getting a few branches cut down that are too close to your home will not only provide your family with more safety but give you the peace of mind you need when another storm hits CT.

Thin your Tree's Crown Fairfield Style

Maybe its the remnants of the "Warde VS Ludlow" culture in Fairfield, but many people decide to thin their tree's crown in September.  Our tree service will get a couple of calls throughout the year for tree trimming, but once September hits, our phone rings off the hook from Fairfield residents.

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tree trimming fairfield

Why Choose Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield To Trim Your Trees?

Need Tree Trimming, Cutting or just Trim Removal? Here's the Top 5 Reasons to Calls us Today:

  • Our Tree Trimming Service in Fairfield is Affordable

  • We can have a Trimming Professional doing the Tree Work Next Day

  • All Trimming Jobs Will Be Done in One Outing

  • Zero Hidden Fees - All Costs Will Be Explained Upfront

  • We're Located Right in Fairfield, CT

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Need Tree Pruning Help?

There are many benefits of getting your trees pruned on a regular basis. Pruning can increase the lifespan of your trees, if you need a expert tree pruner in Fairfield Connecticut you can always give Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield a call. Need more information about Tree Pruning? See our article The Right Time for Tree Pruning.

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