Why Your Tree Stumps Requires Grinding

Mr. Tree Service of Fairfield highlights why your tree stumps need grinding. Good thing this is one of the services they offer.

Having Your Stumps Ground

Whenever you need to have a tree taken down on your property, the job isn’t really complete until the stump has been removed as well. If a professional tree service is doing the tree removal for you, they will often give you a better price to have the stump removed at the same time as the tree. If you call them to come back at a different time, they will probably charge extra because they’ve removed all of their equipment from your property to move on to other jobs.

Having your stumps removed also removes several potential problems. Rotting stumps are a desirable place for a number of insects to take up residence. If your stump is also close to your house, the pests can find their way into your home, causing further issues. Ants and termites are two of the pests that you need to worry about. The repairs needed for damage done by these intruders can be quite costly, and even make your home structure unsafe.

If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, stumps and their left-behind roots can become tripping and falling hazards to your family and friends. You can relax with get togethers, not having to constantly worry about people getting hurt.

Having your stumps removed is the best choice, and having a professional tree service do the job is the quickest and easiest option as well. They have the training and equipment to handle this job with much more ease than a homeowner who doesn’t have access to the tools and equipment needed.

How Stump Grinding is Done

When you hire a professional tree service to remove your stumps, you will save yourself hassle, physical exhaustion, and months of waiting by opting out of other methods you can do yourself.

Tree services have a powerful machine called a stump grinder. It is operated by trained crew members with safety measures in place. It’s an entire machine with a large rotating cutting disk. The disk cuts into the wood of the stump, grinding it until the stump is completely turned to small chips of wood. Sometimes the tree service cleans up the pile of wood chips as part of their service to you. If not, it isn’t too difficult for you to gather the chips and remove them yourself. You can then plant grass to turn the patch of property into part of the rest of your lawn. The missing stump is a pleasant sight.


While pest infestations that reach your home, or tripping hazards that can cause harm to your friends and family are greater reasons, keeping your yard beautiful is a worthwhile investment. You spend time weeding your flower gardens and manicuring your lawn. Removing unsightly stumps will add to your satisfaction each time you look over your greens. The stump won’t break down and disappear on its own, and there is no more a convenient time to have it removed than when a tree service is already on site to remove a tree.